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THIRY Albert

Albert Thiry (1932-2009) is a French ceramist, born in Nice. He studies at the School of Decorative Arts in Nice and then does internships with potters. In 1996, he startes as decorator at the « Tapis Vert » workshop in Vallauris, directed by the ceramists Claire and René Batigne. There, he meets many artists as Marcel Vertès, or Anton Prinner who introduced him to sculpture. In 1933, he marries Pyot Gavaudau, decorator at the ceramist Marcel Giraud. The couple creates their workshop in 1961. Together, they produced utility pieces, creations with floral decorations or representing animals. Albert Thiry also produces sculptures of figures and animals. He participates in Vallauris Biennials from 1966 to 1974 and receives the diploma of honor in 1971.