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FOLIE Pierre

Pierre Folie (1938-2020) is a French designer. Self-taught, he held various jobs posts before starting the creation of furnitures and objects in stainless steel sheet. His creations were produced by Uginox. At the 1969 Decorative Artists fair, his work of innovative shapes was widely appreciated and thus began to be edited by Jacques Charpentier. From 1969 to 1978, Pierre Folie combined his designer and editor activities. In 1972, he created his company Mobia, which manufactured furnitures and lightings. In 1973, he initiated, with other creators, the MOB 6 group ; gathering François Arnal, Michel Boyer, Yonel Lebovici, Jean-Pierre Mesmin, Bernard Berthet, joined the following year by Andrée Putman and Ben Swildens. By the end of the 80s, Pierre Folie devoted himself to painting. He then took a long break from 2000 to 2010, during which he started to write novels. Finally, from 2011 until the end of his life, he pursued his pictorial and sculptural creations.