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PRE Maurice

France, 1907- 1988

Maurice Pre graduated from the Ecole Boulle in 1925 and learned his trade by working with Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann for 8 years. From 1933 he finished his training through internships for architects like Alphonse Laverrière and Démaret. In 1946 he founded his own agency and started a career as a teacher at the National Superior School of Applied Arts, at the National Fine Arts School in Nancy and from 1955 at the Ecole Boulle. His style associated functionality, cabinet making and rusticity. Preoccupied by series production, he created storage units with juxtaposable elements in oak, iron and formica edited by Lieuvin. His ensembles were often embellished with ceramics by his wife, Denise Gatard. He was an active member of the SAD (Societé des Artistes Decorateurs) and exposed at the Salon des Arts Ménagers until 1966 when he consecrated himself to painting and tapestries.

Sold items

  • Rare daybed by Maurice Pré