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Suzanne Ramie, born Douly, (1905-1974) studies ceramics and decoration at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon from 1922 to 1926. During these professional beginnings as a drawer, she met her husband Georges Ramie (1901-1976). In the mid-1930s, they settle in the south of France and Suzanne learns about traditional techniques with a local ceramist. The couple discovers the traditional pottery of Vallauris and settle there in 1938. Two years later, the Madoura pottery workshop born, a king of association of their name « MAison DOUly RAmie ». Suzanne's production in Madoura is characterized by bold and modern pottery inspired by traditional ceramics with usual and popular forms. His work is rewarded with a gold medal at the Arts and Traditions exhibition in Nice in 1942. Early 1940s, Madoura attract ceramists working with other techniques such as Roger Capron, which bring a new lease of breath into Vallauris. After the war, the studio become a creation center. Pablo Picasso develop his activity there from 1947 to 1971, during this period he produces more than 3 500 original ceramics. Other artists come there to work ceramic, such as Braque, Chagall, Lurcat or Matisse. The studio know its Golden Age in 1950’s, thanks to the artistic creations of Suzanne Ramie and all the artists who contribute to the renewed of Vallauris ceramics.

    Large ceramic lamp by Suzanne Ramié