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Raphaël Giarrusso (1926-1986) is a Canadian painter and ceramicist. He studies at the Beaux Arts school in Montreal. In 1948, he obtains a study grant and settles in Paris. From painting, his first creative medium, he switches to ceramics in 1953 when he joined the Pottery of Accolay. He works for nearly 10 years as decorator in the potters community in this Bourgogne village. Then he paints again and participates to the Salon d'Art Moderne du Grand Prix of Paris in 1961. Raphaël Giarruso decides in 1963 to creates his ceramic workshop in Vermenton (not far from Accolay). Since then, he regularly participates to the salons of Art Workshops in Paris. His production consists of lightings, sculptural works depicting fantastic characters, warriors and stylized animals.