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Bernard Rancillac (1931-2021) is a French painter, sculptor and visual artist. In 1949, he trained at the workshop of Met de Penninghen where he intended to teach drawing. In 1953, he did his military service in Morocco. On site, a bookstore exhibited his first drawings. On his return to France in 1955, he opened his studio near Paris and worked as teacher at the same time. Between 1959 and 1962, he studied engraving at Stanley William Hayter

Georges Ferran is a 20th century French decorator. He is a member of the Œuf center studys: a group of architects, sculptors, designers, decorators and mosaicists, created in 1962, in Paris. In 1971, Georges Ferran created the decor and the furniture for the office of the French head of company Hélène Rochas, in Paris. A set in shades of beige where natural materials such as wood, velvet or wool are used. A modern and harmonious realization, where the circle and the curve are put forward.