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DEREL Juliette

Juliette Derel ( 1918 - 2007 ) is a french ceramist born in Normandy. She is gratuated frem the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Tours where sher arrive in 1937. After a quick initation with ceramic, she decides to settle in Vallauris. IN 1953 she married the ceramist Jean Rivier with whom she will realize a joint produciton untill 1961. In addition to his utilitarian produciton, Juliette Derel turns toward sculpture. She will make several exhibitions in France and abroad like Montréal, Caracas, Prague... 

Sold items

  • Miroir en céramique de Juliette Derel
  • Rare square mirror by Juliette Derel
  • ceilling light by Juliette Derel