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CHAPO Pierre


Pierre Chapo (1927-1987) is a French designer. Borned in Paris, he grew up in a family of artisans. First attracted by painting, he then discovered woodworking through an internship with a shipwright. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts and became graduated in architecture in 1958. As soon as he finished his studies, he traveled throughout Europe and The United States. During this period, he worked in an architectural firm in Arizona, as an assistant cabinetmaker. Back in France, he opened a workshop in the Parisian suburbs and had started working with wood. His work revealed his passion for know-hows and crafts, which he mixed with contemporary inspirations, particularly influenced Charlotte Perriand’s and Le Corbusier’s work. Then, he opened the Galerie Pierre Chapo in Paris. In which were exhibited his works, as well as other artists’ such as Isamu Noguchi. In 1960, the city of Paris awarded him the gold medal during his participation in the exhibition of Arts and Crafts Techniques. In 1967, he took part in the Decorative artists fair and received the bronze medal from the Society for the Encouragement of Art and Industry. The same year, he created a new studio in Gordes, in the south of France, in order to manufacture furnitures he designed. Later, he extended his network and opened three other workshops in the Vosges. Pierre Chapo died in 1987. Today, his woodworking skills and identity are still commonly renowned.