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France, (1931 - )

Michel Buffet began as model creator for the habitation. He designed numerous furnitures, seats and lightings that he presents at the 1954 triennale in Milan and in 1957 at the SAM (Salon des arts ménagers) in the « useful forms » section and at the Bruxelles International Exhibition in 1958 and Osaka in 1970. He is the author of more than twenty lights for the house, mainly edited by Luminalite and Robert Mathieu. His most famous model is the tubular metal floor lamp with two arms and tripod base ( Robert Mathieu edition, 1953). Then he cooperates with the Compagnie d’esthetique industrielle (CEI) founded in Paris in 1952 by Raymond Loewy. He contributed to numeros development project such as Shell gas stations, space planning of the Dassault Falcon aircrafts and the Concorde for Air France, the Caracas subway and the Ile de France RER.

    Floor lamp by Michel Buffet Rare lamp model B 201 by Michel Buffet Rare lamp model B 204 by Michel Buffet Set of 3 white lacquered "conches" wall lights model B 206 by Michel Buffet

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  • Floor lamp by Michel Buffet, Robert Mathieu edition
  • Floor lamp de Michel Buffet
  • Lampadaire de Michel Buffet, édition Robert Mathieu
  • Paire d'Appliques Conches de Michel Buffet edition Luminalite
  • Paire de fauteuils en rotin et fibre végétale de Michel Buffet, 1954